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I’m a stay at home Dad
an Ethical ONLINE Entrepreneur

When I started working ONLINE

I had 3 criteria that I wanted to satisfy.

Location Independence

Being able to work anywhere on the planet is number 1 priority.

In Your Bed Money

I want more money in the bank that I had before I went to sleep.

Everything in the Cloud

Everything should be stored centrally in the cloud and be the responsibility of others.

3D Income

My name is Gordon and I am a 50 something stay at home Dad.

When our Son was born in 2014 both my partner and I were self-employed and this caused us a lot of stress, I was in the fortunate position to exit my company to stay at home and look after our Son and work ONLINE.

I have 4 separate income streams, which I call my “3D Income Strategy”.

#1 ONLINE Businesses

Online Businesses

Timescale: Short

I operate 2 ONLINE businesses which only takes up 15 minutes of my day.

#2 Crypto Currency

The Future of Money

Timescale: Short to Med

I am very interested in Digital and Crypro Currencies, Bitcoin etc.

#3 Bricks & Mortar

Technology Company Investments

Timescale: Med to Long

As a former IT guy I am very interested in Technology companies and I buy shares in ones I feel will do well.

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“The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don’t have any”

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