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Personal Development

A Journey of Self

Since my decision in mid 2015 to work exclusively ONLINE I have heard the following two statements, the second one stopped my in my tracks and made me think more about Personal Development.

Working ONLINE is a business disguised as Personal Development.

Scott Love

Work harder on yourself than on your business.

Jim Rohn

Although your personal development is only ever complete when you return to the creator, there are some very important people who have assisted me in getting to where I am today, and I have no doubt that this thank you list will be extended over time.

The list below is in the order I met the Coaches and it tells the story of my Personal Development. This list does not include the numerous friends I have made globally. I speak to some of them every day and it is because of my Personal Development that these people have come my way by way of The Law of Attraction.

  • Spiritual Awareness 100%
  • Emotional Wellbeing 100%
  • Mental Attitude 100%
  • Physical Fitness 100%
Jack Black

Personal Development and Performance Improvement Coach, Mindstore and


My Personal Experience: In 1997 I attended one of the first Mindstore for Life courses in the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow and this, without really knowing it, was the start of my Personal Development journey. Jack gave us some wonderful tools over the weekend course and at the conclusion, I felt 10 feet tall.


Over the years I attended, probably another 2 or 3 three courses and attended the last ever Mindstore for Life course in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, in 2016. During this 20 year period I did not, as much as I should have, practice the techniques but was always aware of the Law of Attraction and Jacks then well known one liner and now hashtag – “It only works“.


Tim Bassett M.Ost, DO, ND

Osteopath specialising in treating sports injuries, Glasgow Osteopaths


My Personal Experience: Over the last 20 years I have required the expert assistance of Osteopaths to help with an issue I have with my lower back. Tim, without doubt, has been the “crème de la crème” and has really helped me since July 2013, and, has on many occasions gone beyond the call of duty for me.


Although Tim had worked his magic, I still had a pain in my back, although everything from a physical perspective was all in the right place.


Fiona Jane Thomas

Intuative Coach, Fiona Jane Thomas



My Personal Experience: Boom, Bang, Eurika, “This is it“, these are all the things that went through my mind after my first visit to Fiona. “This is it”, the wait was over, I understood Positivity and The Law of Attraction and I had always got what I had asked the Universe for, but it took a long time, it was hard and I was tired.


No wonder, my Life Challenges, which people were always saying to me how impressed they were when I over came them, had never been emotionally processed. I was energetically blocked.


After 2 months of work with Fiona I processed these emotional events that had been affecting my progress, this is a process that was very challenging and highly emotional. Had to be done.


Strangely, the pain in my back was an emotional one that I had been carrying with me, no surprises that this has now been processed and the pain has gone.


Once this process was complete, I successfully completed the Theta Healing Basic and Advanced courses so that I can look after myself from an energetic perspective.


I must stress that meeting Fiona after a recommendation from a friend has accelerated everything in my life and improved the way I look at the world.


And finally a one liner, no words I could use could ever explain this next sentence adequately and with enough gratitude.


Fiona has given my brother an un-quantifiable amount of her time, expertise and resources during a very challenging time in his life“.


Lynne Dunlop

Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, LD Massage Therapies


My Personal Experience: After another back injury, which I believe was The Universe telling me to slow down, another friend of mine recommended Lynne, Although Tim, my Osteopath had again got everything back in the correct places, deep tissue massage therapy accelerated my recovery.


Lynne uses hot stone massage techniques, among others, and is a highly experienced sports injury expert having worked on some of Scotland’s top sports men and women. She also throws in some Reiki when required.


Now Lynne is passing on her knowledge of massage as a lecturer in Ayr.


Fiona Gass

Personal Development & Stress Management Coach, Successful Coaching

Website: and


My Personal Experience: I met Fiona at a Social and Digital Media Management course where she described herself as a “Human Baggage Handler”, and it wasn’t till I got home I realised what she meant!


It was some time later that we met again, I wanted to have some reflexology done, so I asked Google and guess whose name came up, you guessed it Fiona. I made an appointment and I really enjoyed my first session.


I use Fiona as my gauge to make sure that the therapies I am using are working and she can tell this from the pressure points on my feet. One day she discovered something disturbing, everything was good apart from my heart! She qualified this be saying it does not mean an issue physically with your heart, it could be emotional, that was the emotional pain that I had from the age of seven. Fiona, my Intuitive Coach and I resolved this, and on my next visit she could detect no issues.


Four or five visits a year to Fiona makes sure I am in tip top condition.


My partner had been attending the doctor for a headache condition and they could not find the root cause, Fiona found it in one visit, a huge reason for using alternative therapists.


Jim McDonald M.B.S.C.H. Dip C.H.

Hyponotist & NLP Coach, Mind Coach for Life



My Personal Experience: I met Jim through my Osteopath, he has a clinic at the same premises and I just happened to ask him one day if he could help me stop eating chocolate. His reply was simple, “If you really want to”. One 90 minute hypnosis session later and I no longer eat the quantity of chocolate I used to. IMPRESSED.


So, I asked him to help with some other personal things and he has assisted there too.


I then asked if he could help me “laser focus” on my “Click And Earn” business and he said he could. I am a binary type of guy, black or white, on or off, 0 or 1, kind of no in between, so the NLP techniques combined with hypnosis work really well for me.


I had an important meeting with a Scottish Premier League football team, with the Chairman in fact, and I knew the outcome I wanted. I attended a session with Jim at 9am on the Monday, had a meeting with the football club the next day. BINGO! I could not have had a better result, the suggestions made to my subconscious during the hypnosis session had without doubt been processed.


Jim is an amazing guy, relaxed and professional and I can highly recommend him.

This is a summary of the Coaches and Experts I have called upon, and although there are only a few paragraphs the journey took some time longer and is, and always will be, a work in progress.

Had I met these people 20 years ago, I may have been in a different place earlier, but The Universe will only deliver when you are ready to accept, so I am very grateful to Jack, Fiona, Tim, Lynne, Fiona and Jim for all their input and for improving my past (that takes a bit of understanding), my today and my future.

Thanks Guys