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Step One - Registration

Open accounts with your new ONLINE businesses

Bitclub Network

Register a Bitclub Network account

Swiss Gold Global

Register a Swiss Gold Global account

LikesXL International

Register a LikesXL account

FutureNet Club

Register a FutureNet account

Step Two - Setup Payment Processors

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT USE PAYPAL as a payment processor for any ONLINE business.

You will need a Bitcoin wallet and you can read my Knowledge Base article here which shows you how to set it up.

My other preferred option for funding ONLINE businesses is Neteller and you can apply for an account here.


Step Three - Fund your New ONLINE Businesses

Now fund the new ONLINE businesses using the payment processors. I will run through my recommended funding levels and my personal opinion on the Payment Processor you should use.

Please remember, I am here to help you every step of the way here, I know the Digital world is a change for us all and I have taken time to learn the ropes and will pass this knowledge on to you.


Bitclub Network

Funding Method(s): Bitcoin

There is a one-off $99 joining fee and mining packages are available $500, $1,000 and $2,000. The top level being called a founders position which is $3,500. All contracts are open ended and will last as long as mining is economical.

Login to your Bitclub Network account here.


Swiss Gold Global

Funding Method(s): Bitcoin, Credit or Debit Card or Bank Transfer

Mining contracts are available from $30 to $1,950 with a small admin fee.

As many contracts as you wish can be purchased and are open ended until mining become inefficient.

Login to your Swiss Gold Global account here.



LikesXL International

Funding Method(s): Bitcoin or Credit or Debit Card

Bid packs are €10 each and a maximum of 8,888 can be purchased.

Login in to your LikesXL account here.



Funding Method(s): Bitcoin & LiteCoin, Neteller, Payeer and lot of other popular payment processors.

Advertising packs are available in $10 and $50, with a maximum of 100 $10 and 1,000 $50 being allowed in the system.

Login to your FutureAdPro account here.